Star Fund Managers

Star Fund Managers

Aegon analysis shows why you
should resist the urge to
jump ship with star fund

Aegon research into insurance for women

Women without a 'Plan B'

Aegon research shows that most women haven't considered the financial impact on their family if they are no longer able to work

Supporting Diversity at Aegon

The Benefits of Diversity

        Aegon goes public with its support for diversity...


100% Aegon

Aegon acquires the remaining
50% share of onna-onna, a
successful insurance
provider primarily targeting
female customers.

2014 Aegon Retirement Readiness Survey

Retirement planning. How do you score?


The new 2014 Aegon
Retirement Readiness Survey
examines people's concerns
and ambitions for retirement
across 15 countries
Find out more... 



Who are we?

Aegon's Dutch roots date back to 1844. Today, we have operations in over 25 countries, including North America where we're known as Transamerica. We offer a range of insurance, pension and savings products. For companies we provide pensions, asset management, reinsurance and marketing services. Aegon has consistently maintained an A-level credit rating.

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