Aegon's innovations have one thing in common. They make our products, services, processes and methods of distribution more convenient and easier to use for our customers.

Product Development

To ensure our products and services meet or exceed customer requirements, our new innovations are often developed directly with customers. For example, our customers told us they want to be able to buy and service their products online. By 2015, online sales accounted for 15% of our total sales..

Our Pricing and Product Development Policy also ensures that new products and services meet the specific needs of our customers and stakeholders, including pricing.

Gábor Kepecs, CEO of Aegon in Central & Eastern Europe, explains how innovation is helping Aegon to Transform its products.

Dedicated product-development and approval teams assess new products for possible risks and benefits, and ensure that products comply with local regulations.

Any new product or service has to be signed off by the CEO in the country where it will be sold.


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Our products and services are designed to help customers take responsibility for their financial future at all stages in their life.

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Innovation news