Aegon Blue Square Re N.V

Aegon Blue Square Re N.V. is Aegon's life and non-life reinsurer. Established in 2010 as a Dutch share company, we received our reinsurance license in 2011 for Aegon's risk pooling and risk retention purposes.

About Aegon Blue Square Re

Formed to harness and better reflect Aegon's risk tolerance and appetite for underwriting risk, Aegon Blue Square Re only writes business sourced from, or by, Aegon entities. We are rated AA- by Standard & Poor's.

Aegon Blue Square Re is predominantly a life reinsurer. In addition, we manage, administer and cover elements of Aegon's non-life and health portfolios.

All transactions are directly related to Aegon entities and business units, although our legal counterparty can, in certain circumstances, be a non-Aegon entity.

About Aegon Blue Square Re

Risk Management & Reinsurance

Risk retention

  • Provide a more consolidated and centralized approach to reinsurance procurement.
  • Execute Aegon's risk retention appetite on a central platform.

Risk pooling

  • Pool and retain underwriting risk allowing us to benefit from diversification
  • Help rebalance Aegon's risk profile, enabling us to underwrite more risk and manage diversification. This reduces earnings volatility and uneconomic capital constraints.

Contact Us

Visiting address:
AEGONplein 50
2591 TV The Hague
The Netherlands

Postal address:
P.O. Box 85
2501 CB The Hague
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 70 3448341


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