Aegon operates across a dozen countries in Europe. Our largest markets in the region are The Netherlands (where our history began) and the UK. We also help customers secure their financial futures in Spain and Portugal, and four Central and Eastern European markets.


Our brands and markets in Europe

La Banque Postale Asset Management

In February 2015, Aegon Asset Management and French company La Banque Postale formed a strategic long-term partnership to jointly develop and sell investment products.

Established in 1988, La Banque Postale Asset Management (LBPAM) is now 70% owned by La Banque Postale, 25% by Aegon Asset Management and 5% by Malakoff Mederic. LBPAM is France's 5th largest asset management company with EUR 150 billion assets under management in UCIT funds and mandates on June 30th, 2015.

Between 2002 and 2015, Aegon operated in partnership with AG2R La Mondiale. In March 2015, Aegon sold its 35% share in La Mondiale Participations back to La Mondiale.


Stonebridge International Insurance

Stonebridge International Insurance Ltd. is a financial services company, based in Maidenhead, UK. For more than a decade it provided accident and sickness products via third party brokers in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and the Nordics. Since 2014, Stonebridge no longer writes new business in Europe, but services existing European policy holders via its customer service center.


Aegon Hungary

Aegon Hungary entered the Hungarian market in 1992 with the acquisition of Állami Biztositó, a state-owned insurance company.

In June 2008, Aegon purchased 100% of the shares of the UNIQA Asset Management Company and Heller-Saldo 2000 Pension Fund Management Company, which provide asset management and administration services respectively to UNIQA and Public Service Pension Fund.

Also in June 2008, it was announced that Aegon Hungary Pension Fund would merge with UNIQA and the Public Service Pension Fund. This step further strengthened Aegon's position in the rapidly developing pension market throughout Central & Eastern Europe.

Today, Aegon is Hungary's fifth largest provider of life insurance. Aegon is also the leading insurance company in the Hungarian household market, where it provides
various non-life products including car and home insurance. The company also offers investments, retirement savings, mortgages and loans.

In recent years, Aegon Hungary  introduced household insurance policies to other CEE markets, such as Slovakia and Poland, as part of its regional expansion.

Its head office, mortgage and retirement savings businesses are located in Budapest. The company Contact Center is in Sopron and Administration and Claim Settlement is in Szombathely.


Aegon Hungary

Aegon Hungary Investment Fund Management

Aegon Hungary Investment Fund Management's (Magyarország Befektetési Alapkezelő Zrt) origins date back to 1990. In the early years, it provided services solely for its founder, AEGON Hungary General Insurance Plc., but in 1995, it extended its portfolio management services to other customers.

In November 2004, Aegon took the decision to dissolve its broker company, Aegon Hungary Securities Plc, in order to focus on asset management and improve efficiency.

In 2009 Aegon Hungary Investment Fund Management's, became part of Aegon Asset Management. Today, the company provides trust management services solely for institutional investors, such as pension funds, insurance companies and local governments. The companies investment funds are available to retail investors.


Aegon Direct Marketing Services Europe

Aegon Direct Marketing Services Europe (ADMS), a leading provider of direct marketing and strategy development services, closed for new business in Italy at the end of 2013. Existing customers will continue to receive the high level of service they expect from ADMS, via Aegon subsidiary, Stonebridge International.


Aegon The Nederlands

Aegon was founded in the Netherlands in 1983 as the result of a merger between two Dutch insurance companies, AGO and Ennia. Today Aegon is the number one provider of group pensions and the fifth largest provider of life insurance.

Aegon Nederland is the companies 2nd largest operation with more than 4,000 employees, located in The Hague and Leeuwarden. In The Netherlands, Aegon distributes its products through corporate and institutional clients, online channels, banks, independent agents and retail sales organizations, including a strategic partnership with retailer Kruidvat for the sale of general insurance products.



Cappital offers the quality custom-made solutions in the field of Direct Contribution pension plans. The company offers a number of digital tools to help companies and individuals monitor and maintain their plans, and evaluate risk. Cappital reduces costs by pooling participants individual investment transactions; a process called netting. Capital invests through institutional investment funds, which have a significantly lower cost structure than retail mutual funds. These funds are offered by partners Aegon, TKP Pensions and TKP Investments.



With the launch of Knab in 2012, Aegon provided a revolutionary new way of banking in the Netherlands. With no physical branches, customers can contact the bank via telephone or online from 8:00-22:00 any day of the week. Knab supports Aegon's strategic focus to deliver excellent service to customers at competitive cost levels, by increasing scale and improving the quality, efficiency and accuracy of its processes through technology.

In 2013, they became the first bank to offer the iDEAL payment system as a mobile app, and the only bank to offer an independent interest rate scan. This provides customers with an overview of the best interest rates on offer from all banks, not just Knab. In 2015, they continued to innovate with the introduction of a system that allows customers to transfer money using the recipients mobile phone number. During the first half of 2016, they passed the 100,000 customers mark.

In September 2017, Knab acquired Eye Open from parent company Aegon, and will operate under the brand Knab Mortgage. When it was established in 2010, Eye Open was one of the first companies in the world to offer an online only mortgage advice service. Eye Open was originally acquired by Aegon in 2013.


Aegon Asset Management The Netherlands

Known for its expertise in Fixed Income and Alternative Investments, Aegon Asset Management The Netherlands provides clients with a range of high quality investment solutions. Aegon Asset Management The Netherlands, based in The Hague, is part of the Global Aegon Asset Management Group, and has invested assets of approximately 350 billion Euro.

Other members of the group include AEGON USA Investment Management, Aegon USA Realty Advisors, Kames Capital (UK) and TKP Investments (NL).


TKP Pensioenen

TKP Pensioenen (Pensions) was founded in 1988 as the administrative arm of the PTT company pension scheme. In 2003, the company was acquired by Aegon The Netherlands. Since then TKP has grown rapidly as a player in the company pensions funds market in The Netherlands. Since 2009, they have focused on administering industry sector pension funds.


TKP Investments

TKP Investments is an experienced, professional integral asset manager for Dutch pension funds. It provides a full asset and risk management advisory service, enabling pension fund boards to remain in control. TKP Investments is part of Aegon Asset Management.


Pelargos Capital

Perlargos Capital started as an Aegon spin-off in March 2008 together with Roelof Salomons, Richard Dingemans, Kees Rigter, and Patrick van de Laar. Aegon Asset Management holds a majority stake and is the largest participant in Pelargos funds, that leverage opportunities in the Asian market. This allows the company to combine the agility of a boutique operation with the solid infrastructure of a large player.


Saemor Capital

Saemor Capital employs a dynamic multi-factor model for selecting European equities. This proprietary model provides a transparent and disciplined methodology to generate investment ideas. Stocks are continuously evaluated on the basis of risk and reward characteristics, aimed at uncovering pricing anomalies that have not yet been exploited by the market. The company was founded in 2008 with Aegon's backing, and has Assets under Management of approximately US$500m (2015).


Nedasco Verzekeringen

Nedasco has been an intermediary between financial advisors and insurers for over 50 years. They work together with over 1,300 independent insurance brokers in The Netherlands, and have the authority to accept customers and handle claims on behalf of almost all Dutch insurers.


The following companies are part of Nedasco Verzekeringen:


Ensupport was launched by Aegon (Nedasco) in November 2013. The company offers mid and back office administrative support for financial advisors. This can range from policy administration to campaign management for cross-selling, and call handling to an online CRM.


Be Suitable

In the Netherlands companies can be financially responsible for sick employees for up to 12 years. Be Suitable provides advice, coaching and legal support for companies looking to reduce absenteeism due to sickness, handling of long-term employee sickness and re-integration for those returning to work after a period of sickness leave.


Unirobe Meeùs Groep (UMG)

In November 2017, Aegon completed the sale of UMG to Aon Groep Nederland for EUR 295 million. The sale included the brands HR Financials Group, Kröller Assurantiën, Meeùs, IAK Verzekeringen, Wannet Sports & Entertainment Insurance, Sperwer Assurantiën, HM Pensioenadvies, HM Bedrijfsadvies, and HR Financials Group.


Distribution via Banco Santander Totta

In August 2014, Aegon signed a 25-year agreement to distribute insurance products through Santander's network of branches in Portugal. Banco Santander Totta has over 10% market share, around 630 branches and over 2 million customers.

Under the terms of the agreement, Aegon acquired a 51% stake in Santander's Portuguese insurance activities. Through this partnership they offer life, home, accident, commercial, liability, protection and temporary disability insurance products.

In December 2016, health insurance was also added. At the same time both parties agreed to accelerate the commercial development of other insurance products.

Aegon Capital Group

Aegon acquired Polish life insurer, Nationwide in 2005, pension funds PTE Erg Hestia in 2006, and PTE Skarbiec Emerytura in 2008. They currently have around 250 employees, with main offices in Warsaw, Krakow and Torun, in addition to approximately 30 regional sales offices.

In 2017, Aegon received approval by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to take over the management of the Nordea OFE open pension fund. As a result of the takeover, the fund became the fourth largest open pension fund (OFE) on the Polish OFE market, both in terms of the number of members and the value of assets.

Today the Aegon Capital Group operates through a number of brands:

  • Aegon Life Insurance Company SA (Aegon TU na Zycie SA) - expert in the creation of long-term programs and investment savings under life insurance contracts.
  • Aegon PTE SA - manages the open pension fund for the social security system, which has almost 1 million members or 1 in 20 Poles.
  • Aegon Insurance Proprietary (AEGON Magyarország Általános Biztosító SA Branch in Poland) - offers property insurance.
  • Aegon Services - develops, supports and coordinates a network of sales companies for Aegon in Poland, including the Aegon Active brand.


Aegon Private Pensions

In 2007, Aegon set up a new private pension company, Aegon Pension Fund BT SA, in partnership with Banca Transilvania (BT). In 2009 they took 100% ownership and changed the name to Aegon Private Pensions.

In early 2013, Aegon acquired Eureko's life and pension business, making Aegon Private Pensions the country's third largest pension provider, and Aegon Romania Life one of the ten largest life insurance companies.


Aegon Life Insurance Company

In 2008, the company launched the Aegon Life Insurance Company. As the local insurance market expanded, the company invested in new strategic partnerships. In 2009, a new partnership with Banca Transilvania, allowed it to provide further insurance and saving products and strengthen its bancassurance expertise.

The company is specialized in bancassurance, distributing life insurances via Banca Transilvania (no.1 bank of Romania) and Alpha Bank. Since 2019, the company start selling via brokers and opened its own online shop – Aegon Market.


Aegon Spain

Aegon entered the Spanish market in 1980, with the acquisition of Galicia. In subsequent years, the company acquired Unión Levantina, Unión Previsora Labor Médica, Caja de Previsión y Socorro y la Sanitaria. The company employs more than 600 people (September 2017).

There Head office is located in Madrid, and they have around 22 sales offices, covering most major cities.

Online life insurance launched in 2013. In 2013, Aegon entered a strategic partnership (51% stake) with Banco Santander. Santander has 4,000 branches, as well as the networks of Banesto and Banif. Distribution agreements are also in place with Liberbank.

As part of the companies multi-channel distribution approach, since 2014 they have opened a number of customer centers in key retail areas in the high-income districts of major cities. Via these centers they offer customers a personal protection and planning for retirement service.

In 2015, Aegon Spain received approval to launch an independent broker service, called Aegon Activos. The service provides customers with access to over 30 carefully selected mutual funds and pension plans, offered by 20 national and international fund managers, life insurance and savings companies.

Corporate website:
Online sales:

Quality Medical Service (QMS)

QMS offers healthcare and dental services. It established its first medical center in Barcelona in 1990. The center employs around 160 physicians. In 2009, the company opened a private clinic in Madrid.


Aegon Direct Marketing Services Europe (ADMS)

ADMS provided direct marketing and strategy development services. In 2013 it closed for new business in Spain. Existing customers will continue to receive the high level of service they expect from ADMS, via Aegon subsidiary, Stonebridge International.


Aegon Pensions and Life

In 2008, Aegon acquired life insurance and pension provider Ankara Emeklilik, which was renamed Aegon Emeklilik ve Hayat - Aegon Pensions and Life. With headquarters in Istanbul, the company offers life insurance and retirement savings through tied agents, insurance brokers, call centers, and online channels.

In 2013, they were the first insurance company in Turkey to introduce an entirely digital financial consultation process. Consultants, equipped with a tablet, are able to present the company to clients, carry out a financial analysis and recommendations. The customer can then complete any necessary applications on the tablet, sign electronically and make their first payment. Data is sent securely for the underwriting assessment.


With the introduction of in 2015, Aegon has developed a fast, practical and easy purchasing experience by offering life insurance products online to its customers and continues to strengthen this experience with new products


Aegon UK

In 1993 Aegon signed a strategic alliance with Scottish Equitable and in 2009, Aegon Scottish Equitable shortened its brand name to Aegon. Scottish Equitable's history dates back as far as 1832, when it was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland. To this day, Edinburgh remains the home of Aegon UK.

Aegon UK offers retirement, workplace savings and protection solutions to around two million customers and employs approximately 3,450 staff. The  UK is Aegon's third largest operation, after Transamerica and Aegon the Netherlands. Aegon UK offers a range of retirement, workplace saving and protection products.

In fall 2017, the company's award-winning retirement platform, Aegon Retirement Choices, had approximately £110 billion in assets under administration.

Cofunds and IPS, the UK's largest investment administration service, became part of Aegon In January 2017. Cofunds administers £77.5 billion in pensions, ISAs and other products on behalf of around 760,000 investors as (at June 30 2016).


Kames Capital

Part of the global Aegon Asset Management business, Kames Capital is a specialist investment management business. From offices in Edinburgh and London, Kames Capital manages £44.2 billion (€49.8 billion) on behalf of UK and international clients – including wealth managers, financial advisers, family offices, pension funds, financial institutions, government agencies and individuals.) on behalf of UK and international clients – including wealth managers, financial advisers, family offices, pension funds, financial institutions, government agencies and individuals.


Origen Financial Services

Origen is 100% owned, multi-award winning financial advice business, providing financial advice to private clients, small to medium sized businesses and to employees of some of the UK's largest organizations. Its team of highly qualified advisers throughout the UK help over 350,000 individuals and 200 businesses.


Stonebridge International Insurance

Stonebridge International Insurance Ltd. is a financial services company, based in Maidenhead, UK. For more than a decade it provided accident and sickness products via third party brokers in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and the Nordics. Since 2014, Stonebridge no longer writes new business in Europe, but services existing European policy holders via its customer service center.


Aegon Direct Marketing Services

Aegon Direct Marketing Services (ADAMS) Europe is no longer active. Existing customers will continue to receive excellent customer service via Aegon subsidiary Stonebridge International Insurance




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