Aegon operates a number of international asset management and reinsurance businesses, such as Aegon Asset Management and its subsidiaries, and Blue Square Re.


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Aegon Asset Management is a global, active investment manager. Investors worldwide entrust Aegon Asset Management to manage approximately €317 billion (September 2017) on their behalf.

Positioned for success in its chosen markets (North America, the UK, Continental Europe and Asia), Aegon Asset Management's specialist teams provide high-quality investment solutions across asset classes. Its clients benefit from the extensive international research capabilities and in-depth local knowledge of Aegon Asset Management, as well as Kames Capital, its UK investment team, and TKP Investments, its fiduciary and multi-manager investment team in the Netherlands.



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    Established in 2010, Blue Square Re acts as an internal reinsurer for the Aegon Group. It was formed by and for Aegon with the goal of harnessing and better reflecting Aegon's risk tolerance and appetite for underwriting risk.

    Blue Square Re's strategy is to accept risk from other parts of the Aegon Group, thus enabling greater retention of risk or to allow the pooling of risk before it is ceded.

    The Aegon Group believes that by using Blue Square Re it can benefit from economies of scale, and it can capitalize on the calculated and transparent management of risk that evolves from such a set up.


    Transamerica Life (Bermuda) Ltd., incorporated in Hamilton, Bermuda, has branch offices in Hong Kong and Singapore and is a subsidiary of Transamerica, Aegon's operation in the United States.

    The company offers an array of innovative insurance solutions which are designed especially for High Net Worth customers for wealth protection and legacy planning. Recognizing customers' needs for sound financial security, Transamerica Life Bermuda aims to deliver exceptional service and powerful solutions that protect and perform at the highest possible level.


    In 2015, Aegon became the first company in the insurance sector to leverage innovation through a dedicated investment fund. Transamerica Ventures has a budget of €100 million to fund start-ups developing new technologies for the financial sector.

    With offices in The Hague, the Netherlands, and New York city, the fund is looking for smaller companies that are active in fields such as data analysis, digital financial advisory services and security against cybercrime, social media, enterprise IT, content publishing and more.

    Aegon hopes to use any new insights it gains in its transformation from intermediary company, to a company that maintains its own contacts with end-clients. Aegon's intentions are more than simply financial – it hopes to become a client of these companies.


    WFG serves the financial needs of middle-income individuals and families across North America. Through its alliance with Transamerica, WFG offers a wide array of life insurance and income protection solutions.

    WFG has a unique business platform, which provides its associates with the resources they need to build their own businesses, which serve everyday individuals and families who are often overlooked by the financial services industry.