Insider Dealing policy

Insider Dealing policy

Aegon's Insider Dealing Policy provides further guidance to help Aegon's employees understand their responsibilities relative to the prevention of unlawful disclosure of inside information and insider dealing.

What is insider dealing?
Insider dealing is where a person gains an unfair advantage over other third parties as a result of access to inside information. This would undermine the integrity of financial markets and investor confidence, which is based on the assurance that investors are placed on an equal footing and protected from the misuse of inside information.

As a publicly traded company Aegon recognizes the importance of market integrity and investor confidence. Investors can be confident that Aegon will disclose relevant information to the market as soon as possible. We believe that all our stakeholders should simultaneously have access to the same information. And the confidence that a person possessing inside information will not take unfair advantage of this by entering into market transactions.

Aegon's Insider Dealing Policy
Aegon's Insider Dealing Policy establishes measures to reduce the risk that inside information is unintentionally disclosed. It also prevents that private transactions conducted by Aegon employees raise suspicion that such information has been misused.

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