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Global Internal Audit Charter

Executive Board Documentation

Retirement Schedule Supervisory Board

Corporate Governance Statement

Supervisory Board Remuneration

Supervisory Board Charter

AGM Documentation

Below is a link to all official documentation for Aegon's 2018 Annual General Meeting.

Supervisory Board Competency Overview

Supervisory Board Profile

Risk Committee charter

Audit Committee Charter & Pre-Approval Policy

Nomination and Governance Committee charter

Remuneration Committee Charter

Aegon Group Remuneration Disclosure Identified Staff 2016

In accordance with the Dutch Decree on Sound Remuneration Policy from the Dutch Central Bank) and the 2015 Act on the Remuneration Policy of Financial Undertakings Aegon discloses information on remuneration of Identified Staff.

Management Board charter

This charter outlines the role and composition of the Management Board. It also outlines the relationship between the Management Board, Executive Board and Supervisory Board.

Transactions between Aegon N.V. and Vereniging Aegon

Amended Merger Agreement

Articles of Association

Voting Rights Agreement (Stemrechtregeling)

This agreement outlines the voting rights associated with Aegon's issued Common Shares and Common Shares B.

NYSE Listing Standards

This document outlines any significant ways in which Aegon’s corporate governance practices (Dutch company law) differ from those required by US companies under NYSE listing standards.

Protocol Vereniging Aegon & SB Aegon N.V.

Aegon Funding Corp Certificate of Incorporation