Integrated Annual Report 2019


The report aims to provide a clear, balanced overview of the Company's operations, strategy and performance.


Our customers


Number of customers

(in millions)


Digitally connected customers

(% of total customers)


Number of new customers

(in millions)

Financial highlights


Normalized capital generation

compared to €1,398 million in 2018


Dividend pay-out ratio

compared to 43% in 2018


Return on equity

compared to 10.2% in 2018


Responsible business 

Everybody deserves a healthy and financially secure future. Aegon's commitment to helping its customers achieve this requires a sustainable, long-term-oriented business that can fulfil our purpose and considers our obligations to the three pillars: individual, society, and the environment.


For us, this encompasses smart financial planning, healthy lifestyles, and relevant solutions for every stage of our customers' lives. 


We believe that a thoughtful approach to secure retirement and healthy aging is essential for our progress as a society.


We aim at creating a lasting contribution to a healthy environment through our investments.

ESG Foundation

A strong ESG foundation provides us with a license to operate by meeting our stakeholders' additional expectations.


Aegon: A partner to the world

Peace of mind and protection

The solutions we offer to our customers are about providing peace of mind, as well as protecting what’s important to them – their loved ones, their health, savings, and property.

Salaries and benefits

Aegon’s Global Remuneration Framework stresses ‘pay for performance,’ where compensation is tied directly to regular performance appraisals. Aegon also aims to create an environment where employees can bring their authentic selves to work to realize their full potential.

Shareholders and bondholders

In 2019, we paid a total of EUR 899 million to Aegon investors. Of this, EUR 611 million was in dividends to shareholders and the remaining EUR 288 million was paid to Aegon bondholders.

Symbiotic relationships

Brokers and financial advisors who work in partnership with Aegon can build sustainable financial services practices of their own as they draw on our insights and products to serve their customers.

The relationship is symbiotic as this network of independent financial intermediaries brings insurance and investment assets to Aegon, along with market intelligence that helps us to create and distribute targeted offerings to the end customer.

charitable donations and volunteer work

We support local communities through charitable donations and volunteer work. The goals of our charitable and community investment programs are to:

- Serve and strengthen the communities where we do business;
- Engage and motivate employees;
- Promote Aegon’s Responsible Business vision to all stakeholders.