Aegon Integrated Annual Report 2020

Integrated Annual Report 2020


"In the midst of a global pandemic, we have focused on supporting our customers and have taken the first steps to transform Aegon into a more enduring, high-performance company."

Lard Friese | CEO Aegon

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Lard Friese, CEO of Aegon


Key elements of the report

We aim to provide you with a clear and balanced overview of Aegon’s governance, new strategy, commitment to doing business responsibly, and performance in 2020. Read how we are creating sustainable value in pursuit of our purpose of helping people achieve a lifetime of financial security.


Elbow greeting during pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, we have taken proactive steps to support our stakeholders as we navigate through this together. 

New strategy

Aegon's strategy

We will focus on our three core markets (the United States, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom), three growth markets (Spain and Portugal, China and Brazil), and one global asset manager.

Responsible business

Responsible Business

We aim to create a lasting contribution to a healthy environment through our investment choices and active ownership activities.

Value creation

Value creation

As part of our new strategic approach, we have identified several areas that will contribute to profitable growth and create value for our customers and shareholders over the coming years.


Our customers in 2020


Number of customers

(in millions)


Number of new customers

(in millions)


Digitally connected customers

(% of total customers)


Financial highlights in 2020


Underlying earnings before tax

compared to €1,969 million in 2019

12in euro cents

Dividend per share

compared to 15 euro cents in 2019

530EUR million

Free cash flows

compared to EUR 923 million in 2019


Aegon IAR 2020