Our strategy

Our strategy

Driven by our purpose, we believe everybody deserves a secure future. Our strategy aims to build lifetime relationships with customers to enable financial security and well-being to and through retirement. Our strategy helps us address the material topics that are important to our customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders.

Our business model

Aegon has three main sources of revenue: fees and commissions, income from the investments we make and, by far the most important, premium payments from our policyholders.

Operating environment

We've identified seven material issues currently affecting Aegon and the financial services industry. These issues play an important role in shaping our strategy.

Our strategic objectives

Optimized portfolio

Ensuring that we always meet our long-term commitments to our stakeholders by delivering sustainable financial results and maintaining a strong and stable balance sheet.

Our strategic objectives

Operational excellence

We have made significant progress in improving the quality of our products and services, in line with our customers’ needs across the various stages of their life cycle.

Our strategic objectives

Loyal customers

We've set the goal to become closer to our customers – or, as we call it, to become truly customer-centric. We set a target to become the 'most recommended by our customers'.

Our strategic objectives

Empowered employees

We know that the more motivated our employees are, the better our ability to serve our customers. We treat our employees not only as important stakeholders, but also as important assets for Aegon.

Financial targets

Aegon has set new medium-term financial targets for 2019-2021 with a focus on growing capital generation and dividends.


Glossary and abbreviations

Here is a glossary of terms and a list of abbreviations and definitions used in Aegon's Integrated Annual Report.