Loyal customersOur strategic objectives

We've set the goal to become closer to our customers – or, as we call it, to become truly customer-centric. We set a target to become the 'most recommended by our customers'.

We serve our customers' need for financial security throughout their lifetimes by providing digitally enabled, omni-channel, accessible solutions and superior customer experience.

Foremost in our accelerated drive toward this goal is the continuation of our technology-push to get closer to, and better understand, our customers.

We will create and enhance existing products and services to bring clarity and simplicity.

We will provide relevant information and insights, and will respond quickly and efficiently to prove we deserve the trust afforded to us by our customers.

What steps are we taking to improve customer loyalty?

  • Offer solutions across the lifecycle
  • Provide omni-channel distribution
  • Expand guidance and advice capabilities
  • Engage directly and connect digitally with our customers
  • Sustain trusted brands

What steps have we already taken?

  • To enlarge our knowledge of our customers' needs and behavior, we set up a Customer Intelligence Council (CIC), an international collaboration of customer analytics professionals who work in different parts of the business. The CIC is collecting objective data on customer behavior, and part of its responsibilities is to stimulate the distribution of best practices across the group.
  • We've also increased our use of technology to improve our relationship with our customers. In the Netherlands, Aegon has made significant improvements to its popular mobile application, which now allows customers to view their non-life coverage, report claims and find nearby repair centers.
  • In the UK, Aegon's Retiready platform surpassed the 100,000 customers mark – which provides customers with better service, lower fees and tools to measure their personal retirement readiness.
  • And in Spain, Aegon launched a new independent broker service, Aegon Activos. The new service provides customers with access to over 30 carefully selected mutual funds and pension plans, offered by 20 national and international fund managers, life insurance and savings companies.
  • In the Netherlands, the number of customers registered for a 'My Aegon' account exceeded 900,000. 'My Aegon' provides customers with a personal overview of their financial position via internet or mobile app 24/7.
  • Aegon Life developed AUCUA PULSE, a word-cloud tool that helps prioritize and improve customer loyalty in India. As a result of action taken, the company's Net Promoter Score improved by almost 39 points.
  • Transamerica launched the HigherEd Retirement Consortium in the United States. This multiple employer retirement plan is designed to help private colleges and universities merge their employee retirement plans

What performance indicators do we use?

  • NPS performance (benchmarked vs peers)
  • NPS coverage