What we doOur products and services

We want to be there to support you whether you are starting a family or a new job, or are ready to retire. To that end, we offer various types of insurance, savings, banking and retirement products.

We believe retirement should remain affordable and sustainable in the 21st century. This is critical, because being able to retire is one of the greatest challenges people face. In fact, recent Aegon research proves that just 17% of people have a written financial plan for retirement. Government spending on old age pensions already takes up more than 10% of GDP in countries such as France, Germany and Poland, and this figure continues to grow.

Our business model

  • Solutions development and pricing
    Development of our financial solutions begins with our customers. We assess their needs, and develop products and services to suit them. Then, we estimate and price the risk involved for us as a provider.
  • Distribution
    Our products and services are then branded, marketed and distributed. We offer products and services via intermediaries, like brokers, banks or financial advisors. We also sell directly to our customers.
  • Investments
    In exchange for products and services, customers pay fees or premiums. On certain pension-, savings and investment products, customers make deposits. By investing this money, we earn returns for our customers.
  • Claims and benefits
    From premiums, deposits and investment returns, we pay out claims, benefits and plan withdrawals. With the remainder we cover our expenses, fund new investments, and generate profits for our shareholders.

Products and services

Products and services offered by Aegon, Transamerica, our daughters and our joint ventures.


  • Life (universal, whole and term)
  • Accident and health
  • Property and casualty

Long-term savings

  • Retirement plan service
  • Annuities
  • Mutual funds
  • Stable value solutions


  • Digital banking services
  • Residential mortgages

Asset management

  • Retail and institutional investment management solutions
  • Retirement savings vehicles and strategies

How customers can purchase Aegon's products and services

We offer a range of options from direct purchasing of products to intermediary-assisted access, depending on the individual countries where we are active. Our goal is to benefit from a direct relationship with customers, while offering our customers more sophisticated solutions, which require sound financial advice.

A variety of brokers, agents, banks, employee benefit consultants and independent financial advisors work with us. This multi-channel approach allows Aegon to serve a diverse customer universe.