Our businesses

Aegon has businesses in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Our main brands are Aegon and Transamerica.

Aegon and Transamerica logos           

Aegon offers products and services in the life insurance, pension, retirement and asset management fields. 

We innovate on a continual basis, following trends and customer needs in the markets in which we operate. This leads to new products and solutions that fit local markets. 

North America

We operate primarily under the Transamerica brand, a leading provider of life insurance, investments and retirement solutions in the United States, and we have a small operation in Canada.

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The Netherlands

Aegon has operated for more than 175 years in the Netherlands, where we are a provider of life insurance, pensions, banking and other financial services.

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United Kingdom

Aegon is a provider of life insurance, pensions, and asset management in the United Kingdom, where our history stretches back to 1831.

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Aegon International

Aegon International was created in January 2020 to consolidate the management of our businesses in Southern and Eastern Europe and Asia. MAG, a joint venture in Brazil, is also part of this division.

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Asset Management

Aegon Asset Management's specialist teams provide high-quality investment solutions across various asset classes in the UK, Continental Europe, North America and Asia.

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