Who we areAegon at a glance

Aegon is diversified financial services group focused on providing investment, protection, and retirement solutions.

Our roots date back to over 175 years ago. Today, we operate in multiple countries, including the United States, where we are known as Transamerica. Our head office is in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Aegon creates value in several ways: as a provider of financial services to customers, a responsible employer and business partner, through its returns to shareholders, its tax payments, its support for local communities and through the money invested. This requires a sustainable, long-term oriented business that takes our customers, the environment, and the communities where we are active into consideration. 

million customers
main brands: Aegon and Transamerica

Our history

From helping Dutch people secure funds to bury their loves ones back in 1844, to serving more than 30 million people across the globe in 2020.

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Our businesses

Aegon has businesses across multiple countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Read more for an overview of our divisions. 

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Our strategy

Aegon's strategy

We announced Aegon's new strategy and financial targets during Capital Markets Day 2020: we are building a leader in investment, protection, and retirement solutions.

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Our customers

Through our products and services, we want to be there for our customers when it matters most, and help them protect their loved ones, health, savings, legacies and property. 

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Did you know? 

Bank of Italy, a predecessor of Transamerica, was one of the first banks to issue loans to help rebuild San Francisco after the fire of 1906.

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Over EUR 1.6 million or 17% of total charitable donations in 2020 was directed towards pandemic-related relief.

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Aegon's art collection includes 1,100 paintings, sculptures and other works.

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