Helping people live their best lives

Our brandHelping people live their best lives

Humans are living longer and at Aegon, we’re excited by the opportunities this brings. We are here for everyone who wants to make the most of their time on the planet, and leave it a little better than they found it - however grand or humble their ambitions.

At Aegon we feel we are in the midst of a living revolution. As recently as the late 20th century, life consisted of three stages: 20 years of education, 40 years of work, and a short retirement of perhaps 15-20 years. Fast forward to today, and life expectancy has soared. 50% of babies born in the US in 2007 will live to 104 or more.

Broadly, the same holds true in all countries. This is forcing a reimagining of how life should look, when we study, work, take breaks and change careers. The idea of a standard path no longer applies; there are as many options as there are lives.

An increased lifespan presents new challenges. But it's also keeping us younger for longer. Old associations of age - of frailty and inactivity - are being replaced with the expectation that the years after 60 can be our most rewarding. This development coincides with a growing awareness of the earth’s finite resources. Increasingly, we are investing our extra time on this planet in finding ways to have a positive impact upon it. It's a brave, baffling, exciting new world. So where do we fit in, helping people live their best lives?

Leading the world into longevity

We find that people are ready for a financial services company that helps them find their way through a longer, more varied life - while at the same time, letting them contribute to a better world. In an industry dominated by the old aging narrative, we embrace the new one. We aim to be the first company to help individuals, organizations and society transition from the traditional three-stage to multi-stage lives. We are the first in our category to present longer life not as a threat, but as an opportunity. The first to focus our responsible investment strategies on this single idea. Whether you want to retire at 25, retrain as a plumber at 40, start a sustainable business at 50, or go back to college at 70, we’re the brand that invites you to make the most of your time here, and live your best life.

Our customer principles

  • easy
  • encouraging
  • evolving

With this mindset we aim to meet people's needs in our ever-changing society, where we live this longer, more dynamic life that requires a new approach of health, wealth, environment and community. At Aegon we tune in to make sure we understand and pre-empt requirements and step up when we can. We also want to be a force for good every working day, to leave the world a little better than we found it.

Did you know? 

Bank of Italy, a predecessor of Transamerica, was one of the first banks to issue loans to help rebuild San Francisco after the fire of 1906.

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Life can move in all directions and it is important to prepare for the future by making smart choices now. Our Dutch business reflects on this theme in a new brand campaign that encourages us to think ahead.

VIDEO: Our Dutch business ran a brand campaign to emphasize the importance of preparing for the future by making smart choices now.

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Aegon's art collection includes 1,100 paintings, sculptures and other works.

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