About the Aegon brand

Our brandFor the moments that matter

In life, it is not always the big moments that play the largest part. There are so many daily moments in which we realize the value of love, family and wellbeing, be it physical or financial.

Secure futures require smart financial planning, a healthy lifestyle and relevant solutions at every stage of our lives. We take a thoughtful approach to secure retirement and healthy ageing and strive to make a lasting contribution to a healthy environment.

We cherish a culture in which we act as one, are accountable, agile, and customer centric.

We cherish a culture in which we act as one, are accountable, agile, and always customer centric. Our past, present and future was, is and will be inspired by the same vision – 175 years for a lifetime of financial security, 175 years for the moments that matter.

Our main brands

Aegon logo

Aegon's logo was designed by Studio Dumbar in the 1980s. We like to think it shows a 'rebel' angle because of our bold ambitions to help customers, in whatever way we possibly can. This continued drive, together with the timeless form and design, has given our logo the power to stand the test of time.

Transamerica logo

Transamerica's logo was designed by Thomas Bond from agency Sandgren and Murtha in 1983. The emblem depicts the Transamerica Pyramid, which was built in 1972 in San Francisco. The architecturally perfect image was drawn in red in order to reflect the innovation and longevity of the firm, showing its power and passion.

We aim to strengthen our two main brands ― Aegon in most of our markets and Transamerica in the US ― and have them reflect our global brand values of ‘caring’ and ‘expert’."

Kata Herczog, Head of Brand Experience
Kata Herczog, Head of Brand Experience

Some of our other brands

Next to our main brands, we also have several stand-alone brands, operating in particular market segments or delivering specific propositions.

Knab logoKnab is the youngest Dutch brand in the Aegon portfolio, offering innovative, online-only banking services to entrepreneurs and individual customers. The bank prides itself in helping customers in a very easy, digital way, while showing a human face in all interactions.

TKP logoTKP is a Dutch brand dedicated to servicing pension schemes of large corporates and their employees. The high service standard ensures TKP is an appreciated provider of workplace solutions.

Futuready logoFutuready is an online insurance broker platform. Based in Indonesia, Futuready offers easy access hospital insurance and COVID19-related insurance products. Aegon has a similar company in India, called Tomorrow Makers.

MAG logoMAG is a life insurance provider in Brazil that was formed as joint venture between Aegon and Guppo Mongeral Aegon. MAG truly expresses the caring value of our brand; last year it launched a product for people with diabetes, under the brand WinSocial.

Did you know? 

Bank of Italy, a predecessor of Transamerica, was one of the first banks to issue loans to help rebuild San Francisco after the fire of 1906.

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Life can move in all directions and it is important to prepare for the future by making smart choices now. Our Dutch business reflects on this theme in a new brand campaign that encourages us to think ahead.

VIDEO: Our Dutch business launches a brand campaign to emphasize the importace of preparing for the future by making smart choices now.

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Aegon's art collection includes 1,100 paintings, sculptures and other works.

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