Our customers

Our purpose of helping people achieve a lifetime of financial security is brought to life by meeting and exceeding our customer's expectations. Through our products and services, we want to be there for our customers when it matters most, and help them protect their loved ones, health, savings, legacies and property.

Our customers can plan and build for the future knowing that Aegon provides financial benefits such as pensions, loans, mortgages, insurance and return on savings and investments.

We believe that we should support our customers through each phase of their personal and professional lives, and the way to achieve this is by creating trust.

We are committed to improving our customer service by making it simple and convenient to work with us and offer our guidance, expertise and support when needed. We strive for a long-term relationship during which we truly connect and engage with our customers on a human level.

By the numbers: our customers worldwide

30.4 million
4.6 million
new customers in 2020
16 percent
customers with two or more products (percent of total customers)

Listening to our customers

At Aegon we listen to our customer every day, so we recognize that our customers' needs and preferences are continuously evolving. We respond to this by working in an agile and customer-centric way. We strive to provide faster and simpler digitally-enabled solutions and experiences to meet those needs.

We measure our performance in terms of the experience we offer to our customers through the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and this forms the basis of our priorities and improvement efforts. In short, we include customer feedback when improving the way we engage with customers, which we do continuously. 

87% of Aegon is covered in our relational NPS program

Research and advocate

The work we do for customers is mostly via our products and services. However, we also do practical research on financial planning, retirement, health and insurance issues so we can assist individuals and communities effectively plan for a longer and more active retirement. This research is conducted by the Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement. You can find out more on our Research page.

We also advocate, worldwide, for people to have access to insurance and financial services, for people to be aware of opportunities for flexible employment in old age and work with governments to plan and provide for their citizens in an age of increasing longevity. Furthermore, we also encourage financial literacy around the world via partnerships with the World Economic Forum, the American Association of Retired Persons and the Global Coalition on Aging, amongst others.

Action! Not words: proofpoints of our customer focus

  • Aegon paid out EUR 57 billion in claims, benefits and plan withdrawals in 2020
  • Following the introduction of the The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act in the US, Transamerica launched support initiatives to help customers navigate the complex regulations to access retirement savings in a penalty-free manner.
  • For the second year in a row, Aegon Spain was recognized in the Customer Service of the Year awards, winning awards in both the Health Insurance and Life Insurance categories.

Our history

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From funding our customers' daring ventures to refusing to cancel unpaid policies in wartime, Aegon and predecessors have always focused on customers first.

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Our businesses

Aegon has businesses across multiple countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Read more for an overview of our divisions. 

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