Our customers

Through our products and services, we want to be there for our customers when it matters most, and help them protect their loved ones, health, savings, legacies and property.

Delivering long-term value to Aegon's 31.7 million customers is central to our purpose of Helping people live their best lives and provides the foundation for our strategy. As people live longer, our customers are under increasing pressure to save more for their own retirement. Low interest rates make this requirement even more challenging.

There is a growing need for the investment, protection, and retirement solutions that Aegon can provide, and we are constantly looking to enhance our customer propositions with value-adding products and services. At the same time, we seek to enrich our customers' lives by improving our levels of customer service, including through digital tools and platforms, and by developing direct, close, personal connections.

As well as supporting our existing customers, we are extending our reach to underserved groups and regions with a low financial services penetration, by expanding access to our products and offering solutions that cater to specific user needs. 

By the numbers: our customers worldwide

31.7 million
3.8 million
new customers in 2021
16 percent
customers with two or more products (percent of total customers)

Listening to our customers

At Aegon we listen to our customer every day, so we recognize that our customers' needs and preferences are continuously evolving. We respond to this by working in an agile and customer-centric way. We strive to provide faster and simpler digitally-enabled solutions and experiences to meet those needs.

We measure our performance in terms of the experience we offer to our customers through the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and this forms the basis of our priorities and improvement efforts. In short, we include customer feedback when improving the way we engage with customers, which we do continuously. 

Our history

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From funding our customers' daring ventures to refusing to cancel unpaid policies in wartime, Aegon and predecessors have always focused on customers first.

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Our businesses

Aegon has businesses across multiple countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Read more for an overview of our divisions. 

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