• About the Retire-O-Meter

About the Retire-O-Meter

The Retire-O-Meter provides you with a quick estimate of how prepared you are for retirement. Details of the calculations and exclusions are explained below.


Your final savings pot at retirement is calculated by adding your initial savings to the monthly savings contributions you make until your chosen retirement age, multiplied by ongoing compound interest at the rate you select in the tool (between 1-5% per annum). If no selection is made, the default interest rates is 3%

Your retirement pension is calculated by dividing your final savings pot between your years in retirement (between retirement age and aged 90), such that at age 90 the lump sum will be zero. The reducing lump sum continues to benefit from interest during that time.

The retirement pension is based solely on individual savings (pot) and does not include any state pension that you may be eligible to receive in your country at the eligible retirement age for your country.

No consideration is made for inflation, however because the calculation is based on % of your current salary, it is assumed that your salary will also grow with inflation, and therefore the amount you save will also grow proportionally.

Each retirement readiness state is calculated based on the following thresholds of retirement salary as a percentage of working salary:

You're living for today 0-10%
You're not saving enough 10-40%
You're almost on track - 40-50%
You're in good shape - 50-70%
You're playing it safe - >70%


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