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In 2015, Aegon became the first company in the insurance sector to leverage innovation through a dedicated investment fund. Transamerica Ventures has a budget of €100 million to fund start-ups developing new technologies for the financial sector.

With offices in The Hague, the Netherlands, and New York city, the fund is looking for smaller companies that are active in fields such as data analysis, digital financial advisory services and security against cybercrime, social media, enterprise IT, content publishing and more.

Aegon hopes to use any new insights it gains in its transformation from intermediary company, to a company that maintains its own contacts with end-clients. Aegon's intentions are more than simply financial – it hopes to become a client of these companies.

In 2016 the fund had 14 investments in its portfolio:

  • NextCapital: A robo advisor for 401k solutions and wealth-advisory software for more than 400,0000 managed accounts
  • CipherCloud: A provider of cloud access security for enterprises who run multi-cloud applications and have to protect the data in them
  • 0xdata: An in-memory machine learning and predictive analytics application for big data
  • InvestForward: robo advisor for impact investing
  • Quantemplate: A data warehouse solution and analytics platform for re-insurance
  • Digital Currency Group: A conglomerate for blockchain and digital currency companies that also provides platform services and consulting for the ecosystem
  • Auxmoney: A platform for alternative consumer lending
  • PolicyGenius: A multi-product insurance aggregator/broker and provider to help consumers obtain the coverage they need.
  • FinTech Collective: a Fin-Tech focused seed stage fund
  • Lerer Hippeau Ventures: a leading seed stage fund for digital marketing and advertising, e-commerce and digital media on the east coast
  • Everplans: the leading online planning and organization platform that helps people create, store and securely share all of the important plans and information that their family will need in the future.
  • designs and sells tax-efficient and state subsidized retirement solutions to German retail and corporate customers online.
  • Hixme: The company's workplace market technology frees larger employers from costly annual benefits cycles by providing workers with direct ownership of personal and portable benefits solutions.
  • SmartAsset: a financial decision-making technology company that provides calculators, tools and advice to help consumers make more informed financial decisions.

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