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Aegon helps more than 26 million customers, including individuals and families, as well as companies, pension funds and other institutions.

Find out how Aegon is helping customers achieve a lifetime of financial security in our changing world

Over the years we have steadily increased the amount we've paid out in benefits and claims to those who entrust us with their financial protection and retirement needs.

Total customer claims, benefits & plan withdrawals

(€ Billion)

Aegon and Transamerica (Aegon's leading brand in North America) sell their products via brokers, agents, banks or financial advisers. And, in response to customer demand, we are increasingly offering our products, information and services online, via direct marketing and occasionally working with selected distribution partners (such as retail chains) outside the financial industry.

% Businesses offering products online

Our commitment is to offer products that are as clear, effective and easy to understand as possible. Together with 'Enhancing Customer Loyalty' this is one of our four strategic objectives.

updated May 5, 2017

Product Innovation

Product Innovation

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Customer Loyalty



of Aegon's businesses use Net Promoter Score to measure loyalty 

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