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Aegon Customer Testimonial Oksana

Oksana, in Ukraine,  explains how an Aegon life insurance policy helped her carry on with life following the death of her husband.

Aegon Customer Testimonial Aleksey

27 year old Aleksey, from the Ukraine, purchased an Aegon life insurance product when they learned that his wife was pregnant.

Aegon Customer Testimonial Eduard

This customer in Ukraine never thought he would need to claim on his Aegon combined critical illness, disability and life insurance product.

Aegon Customer Testimonial Marta

Marta, a customer of Aegon Spain, used the Aegon emergency medical line when her husband thought he may be having a heart attack.

Aegon Customer Testimonial Jose

Jose claimed on his Aegon life insurance following the death of his wife. Having his mortgage paid off was one less thing to worry about.

Aegon Customer Testimonial Monica

Monica used her Spanish Aegon medical insurance when giving birth. She remembers high-quality treatment and excellent service.

Aegon Customer Testimonial Zoltan

Zoltan in Hungary receives Aegon advice about life insurance, incase anything happens to either himself or his business partner.

Aegon Customer Testimonial Istvan

Istvan receives advice from Aegon Hungary about home insurance before commencing the renovation of their apartment.

Aegon Customer Testimonial Zoltan & LIlla

Zoltan and Lilla receive planning advice from Aegon Hungary to help secure their daughters financial future.

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