Customer loyalty

Where once we were primarily a product provider, we now aim to provide the best solutions for our customers, and we want to measure how well we are doing towards this.

The Net Promotor Score (NPS) is a standardized metric to measure customer loyalty which was used across 98% of Aegon's businesses in 2015. It is based on customers' willingness to recommend our products and services to their friends and family.

Chart of Aegon's Net Promoter Score Performance in 2015

Our performance on this metric is not yet where we want it to be. Although we've seen some improvement in absolute scores, most of our business lines still score below the market average of our main competitors. Deeper analysis shows that many of our customers are still too indifferent about their experience with us, reflecting the limited amount of interaction that they've had with us over the years.

Top-quartile rankings

Encouragingly, some of our new propositions such as online bank Knab, car insurance concept onna-onna and our risk insurance offering in Spain achieved top quartile rankings in their markets. This would indicate that we are on the right track in prioritizing customer experience.

To improve customer loyalty we are working hard to engage our customers with relevant information, advice, and products and services to improve their familiarity and their experience with us. Transactional NPS programs, that measure NPS immediately after a marketing or service interaction with Aegon, provide us with instant feed-back that allows us to make quick process improvements.

We need to maintain a relation with our customers throughout their lifecycle. Achieving sustained loyalty is a strategic priority.

Alex Wynaendts Aegon CEO

With significant investments in digital transformation and customer service (for example, through the new customer experience platform in Transamerica) we aim to increase customer loyalty.

updated May 6, 2016

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