The 1990s was a decade of expansion across three continents, starting in 1991 with acquisition of Regency Life, a UK insurer specializing in unit-linked products and pensions.

Aegon acquires Scottish Equitable

In 1993, Aegon began its relationship with Scottish Equitable, acquiring 40% of the company, one of the best-known names in the UK financial services industry.

By 1998, Aegon had taken full control of Scottish Equitable. A year later, Aegon acquired the life insurance operations of Guardian Royal Exchange. The UK business now operates under the Aegon name and is based in Edinburgh.


Central & Eastern Europe

Aegon Hungary Headquarters

In March 1992, Aegon bought a 75% stake in Állami Biztosító, Hungary’s former state-owned insurance company. At this point, Hungary and the rest of the region was emerging from decades of Soviet domination. Állami Biztosító’s former Budapest office is now Aegon’s regional headquarters for Central & Eastern Europe.


Aegon set up a greenfield operation in Taiwan in 1993. Over the next few years, the company strengthened its position in Taiwan, which played a significant role in helping Aegon expand into Asia. By the time Aegon closed its Taiwan business in 2009, the company had expanded into China and Japan.

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updated May 8, 2012

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