The end of World War II in 1945 was followed by period of strong insurance-industry growth. In the 1960s a wave of consolidation swept in as insurance companies faced growing competition, a need to control costs and rising inflation.

Aegon History 1945

In 1968, three insurers – Algemeene Friesche, Groot Noordhollandsche and Olveh – joined forces to create a new company called AGO.

A year later, Eerste Nederlandsche, Nieuwe Nederlandsche and Nillmij merged to create Ennia. Between them, AGO and Ennia controlled 20% of the Dutch market. In the following years, AGO and Ennia both expanded their international businesses.

In 1979, AGO bought a stake in the US life insurance company Life Investors and in 1980, Ennia acquired a 85% stake in Spanish insurer Galicia S.A., based in Madrid. One year later, Ennia acquired National Old Line in Little Rock, Arkansas.


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updated May 8, 2012

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