Global products

An increasing number of companies are operating globally and it's not uncommon for individuals to live in different countries during their lives. Aegon's cross-border approach provides a number of advantageous global solutions.

Offshore investments

Under certain circumstances, investing offshore may offer a number of tax and estate planning benefits. Aegon offers a diverse range of life insurance protection and wealth accumulation products tailored to provide solutions to complex global estate and business planning needs. Visit Transamerica Life Bermuda for further information. 

Global asset management

Aegon Asset Management (AAM) is an investment management company, with more than EUR 300 billion of assets under management. It offers clear investment propositions to our institutional, insurance, pension and retail client base. 

Visit Aegon Asset Management in our Brands section for further information.

Aegon Insights

Aegon Insights, based in Asia-Pacific, helps companies increase the value of their customer relationships through the more intelligent application and use of data analytics. With a deeper understanding of customers' current life stage, unmet protection needs, location on the purchase path and preferred communications channels, Aegon Insights help create meaningful contact experiences that leave customers feeling heard and in control.

Through the transformation of information on customer behavior and intelligence into useful insights, they know when, how and what to effectively communicate to customers. Beyond insurance distribution consultancy services, they also provide end-to-end campaign implementation through Aegon IRIS, its omni-channel integrated distribution platform. 

Visit Aegon Insights in our Brand section for further information.

updated November 25, 2016





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