Aegon Art Collection

Aegon's collection of high-quality works of art help the Company to profile itself, both internally and externally, as a company that takes its responsibility for developing art in society seriously.


Aegon and Art is combination that goes back many years and has become part of Aegon's heritage. In the 1950s Aegon commissioned artists to work on special pieces. This tradition continued in 1985, with two extraordinary art commissions for Aegon's head office in The Hague. And in 1989, for Aegon's new office in Leeuwarden, American artist, Sol Lewitt produced a spectacular 12x35 meter wall drawing.

A number of pieces from Dutch artist Nicolas Dings, are part of Aegon's permanent collection. We also hosted a more extensive exhibition of his work at our headquarters

An impressive work of art by Peter Struycken, featuring 5,000 colored aluminum spheres graces the central atrium of our recently renovated head office in The Hague. Glass walls and open-plan offices support the company's philosophy of 'Transparency', something which has also had a direct influence on the art policy.

Art Policy

Working together with highly qualified artists, led to Aegon establishing an art policy and in 1991 an external advisor was appointed. In the past only two-dimensional art was collected. Following the renovation of Aegon's head office in The Hague, the environment lent itself to three-dimensional art.

Although art is collected from a broad range of disciplines, an emphasis on the themes 'people' and 'nature' can be observed running through the collection.

Aegon's art collection is by no means an exclusive affair for experts and enthusiasts, but is accessible to everyone who sees art as a source of inspiration for thinking and acting creatively.

updated October 14, 2015

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