John Adams Institute

The United States is Aegon’s largest market, served by its popular brand Transamerica. This strong connection made The John Adams Institute – an independent podium for American culture in the Netherlands – an obvious choice.

The John Adams institute invites the best and the brightest from a multitude of disciplines – novelists, politicians, historians, scientists, screenwriters, poets, photographers and tech wizards – to the Netherlands to talk about their work, their thoughts, their insights.

John Adams director Tracy Metz explains about the institute's history, its namesake, and some of the distinguished guests it's welcomed over the years

As a main sponsor of the John Adams Institute for almost 30 years, our diverse mix of employees and business partners are able to benefit and learn from these inspiring and education events.

With immigration, diversity, and national identity being major topics of debate in the Netherlands, it is all the more valuable that the John Adams Institute bring American perspectives to the Dutch public and Aegon employees.

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