Life at Corporate Center

Despite the standard of professionalism you’ll find at our Corporate Center, this doesn’t mean we’re overly formal. Take early morning yoga in our auditorium - you could be down facing dog next to just about anyone!

Amelie Consigny, Senior Associate Business Control, talks about the working culture and environment at Corporate Center.

Whatever your level in the company you remain accessible – with coffee areas for informal discussions, laptops which mean we're not tied to a particular desk, messenger for quick questions and a variety of inspirational areas to brainstorm new ideas with colleagues.

Close teamwork in an informal, yet highly professional atmosphere


We are a center of excellence that country units turn to for advice and support. The sense of partnership between the Corporate Center and all of our units around the globe is reflected in the way we work together as a team, with shared values and objectives, great mutual respect, a lot of fun and a spirit of eagerness to learn from one another.

Decentralized, committed and connected


The flat organizational structure of the Corporate Center ensures that our energy stays focused on collaboration and quick decision making, instead of unnecessary bureaucracy. It promotes a sense of responsibility and deepens the connection you have with your job. And the result is that we add more value as a whole than each of the businesses could achieve individually.

High degree of professionalism


At the Corporate Center, each of us maintains a high professional standard in our own area of expertise. We value and appreciate diversity, so even if we hold different views, discussions always stay on-topic with a focus on professional relevance. This enables us to work closely in a team where everyone feels accepted and respected. We feel free to express our opinions, challenge each other to develop and excel and take pride in the achievements we accomplish together.

updated December 15, 2015

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