Aegon Ethics Line

Aegon’s Ethics Line provides a secure and anonymous channel for our employees and stakeholders to report suspicious or unlawful activity, unethical conduct, threat to public interest or infringement of Aegon’s Code of Conduct.

Aegon's Ethics Line is available to employees, contractors and third parties such as suppliers and agents. It is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by independent third party specialists. The website is available in 13 languages and the helpline is free from any country in which Aegon operates.

How do I contact the Ethics Line?

    How does Aegon handle reports?

    Reports will be assessed by the local Aegon reporting officer and Group Compliance Officer. If you are seeking advice, a subject expert or a member of our legal team, will handle the report. For serious allegations, an investigator or investigation team will be assigned. The local dedicated reporting officer will normally be included for his/her local expertise.

    Aegon Global Ethics Line

    For incidents requiring expertise not available within Aegon, an outside expert may be involved under similar strict confidentiality. Details of the case, and especially the identity of the person who made the report and any persons mentioned in the report, are kept confidential and only shared on a strict need-to-know basis.

    The investigation itself will focus on an objective, factual analysis of the case. If an allegation is found to be true, the local business unit will decide on the necessary action.

    updated November 13, 2013



    Aegon's Global Ethics Line is not for customer complaints or enquiries. Please contact your local Aegon office for customer service related issues.


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