Financial & Shareholder FAQs

Below you will find the answers to a number of FAQs relating to Aegon's shares, funding and performance. For questions relating to sustainability or careers please use the main menu. The About section covers general questions.

What is Aegon’s dividend policy?

After investments in new business to generate organic growth, capital generation in Aegon's operating subsidiaries is available for distribution to the holding company, while maintaining a capital and liquidity position in the operating subsidiaries in line with Aegon's capital management and liquidity risk policies.

Aegon uses cash flows from the operating subsidiaries to pay for holding expenses, including funding costs. The remaining cash flow is available to execute Aegon's strategy and to fund dividends on its shares, subject to maintaining the holding company targeted excess capital. Depending on circumstances, future prospects and other considerations, Aegon may deviate from this target. Aegon will also take capital position, financial flexibility, leverage ratios and strategic considerations into account when declaring or proposing dividends on its common shares.

Under normal circumstances, Aegon would expect to declare an interim dividend when announcing its second quarter results and to propose a final dividend at the annual General Meeting of Shareholders for approval. Dividends would normally be paid in cash or stock at the election of the shareholder. The relative value of cash and stock dividends may vary. Stock dividends paid may, subject to capital management and other considerations, be repurchased in order to limit dilution.

When determining whether to declare or propose a dividend, Aegon has to balance prudence versus offering an attractive return to shareholders, for example in adverse economic and/or financial market conditions. Also, Aegon's operating subsidiaries are subject to (local) insurance regulations which could restrict dividends to be paid to the holding company. There is no requirement or assurance that Aegon will declare and pay any dividends.

Find out more about Aegon's dividends >

Where can I find Embedded Value information?

Aegon has discontinued the publication of traditional embedded value metrics (EEV and VNB), but does publish market consistent value of new business (MCVNB) information on a quarterly basis. This forms part of our quarterly results.

How often does Aegon present its financial results?

Aegon publishes its financial results two times a year. For further information, please refer to the calendar section of this website. Visit our Results archive for the latest update.

Did Aegon pay the coupon on its fixed income securities in 2014

Aegon paid the coupon on all its fixed income securities in 2014.

Where can I find information on Aegon's fixed income securities?

Aegon N.V. has issued senior and dated subordinated debt and capital securities.

Most of the senior debt has been issued in the form of fixed rate bonds under the USD 6 billion Program for the Issuance of Debt Instruments and the US shelf registration.

Most of the capital securities are perpetual fixed income securities which can be called and/or reset. These securities are subordinated to the senior debt of Aegon N.V.

What is Aegon's business mix?

Aegon has several major lines of business, including life, individual savings and retirement products, pensions, non-life and asset management. Find out more our about our performance >

When is the next annual General Meeting of Shareholders?

For the dates of future Annual General Meetings, please see our Calendar. Visit our Annual General Meeting of Shareholders section for details of previous AGMs.

How can I receive a proxy statement?

If you are an holder of New York Registry Shares in the United States, proxy voting material will be sent automatically to your home address by Citibank. If you are a shareholder in the Netherlands, please consult your bank.

Where can I find details about Aegon's financial performance?

Financial information about AEGON can be found in the Investors and Media section of this site and in Aegon's Annual Report.

When does the Aegon share go ex-dividend and what is the payment date?

Our dividend schedule can be found in our dividends section. Due to financial regulations, we're unable to publish our dividend schedule prior to officially announcing our interim or final dividend. If you would like to be informed about future dividend by email, please register here.

Who are Aegon’s major shareholders?

Aegon’s largest single shareholder is Vereniging Aegon, an association set up to safeguard the long-term interests of all Aegon’s stakeholders. Vereniging Aegon’s stake currently totals 33% of Aegon’s total voting capital, but has agreed voluntarily not to make use of its full voting rights except in certain, specifically-defined circumstances. For more information, please refer to the Vereniging Aegon website.

For details of other parties holding a capital and voting interest in Aegon N.V in excess of 5% visit our Major Shareholder's page

Where can I find Aegon's latest annual report?

Aegon's Annual Report, integrated annual Review and SEC Filings can be found here. Aegon Asset Management's Responsible Investment Report can be found here.

What is the number of issued common shares?

As of April 22, 2016, there were 2,147,036,826 common shares and 585,022,160 common shares B issued. Of these Vereniging Aegon held 292,687,444 common shares and all issued common shares B. All of Aegon's outstanding common shares are freely tradable, and all shareholders, including large shareholders such as Vereniging Aegon, are free to resell their common shares at any time.

Where are Aegon’s shares listed?

Aegon's common shares are listed on the Amsterdam and New York stock exchanges. See our Shareholders & AGM page.

In what indices are Aegon shares included?

Aegon shares are included in a number of the major equity market indices, including:

  • AEX
  • FTSE Eurotop 100
  • FTSE Eurotop 300
  • MCSI Euro Index
  • MSCI Global Sustainability Index
  • S&P Euro Index

Aegon is also part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, and the FTSE4Good Index, which rank companies according to their ability to manage a variety of economic, social and environmental risks. Click here for further information about our Sustainability Ratings.

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