Share price tools

The historical share price look-up and investment calculator tools below should be used for indicative purposes only.


Historical share price calculator

The share price calculator below can be used to view historical closing prices of Aegon's shares traded on NYSE Euronext and of Aegon ADRs traded on NYSE as far back as 1997. Data can be viewed graphically or downloaded.



Investment calculator

The interactive calculator below allows you to calculate the share price performance of Aegon shares traded on NYSE Euronext and Aegon ADRs on NYSE.


Stock splits


New par value
November 30, 1983 2:1 (NLG 10.00)
June 14, 1985 2:1 (NLG 5.00)
June 9, 1992 2:1 (NLG 2.50)
June 1, 1995 2.5:1 (NLG 1.00)
May 25, 1998 2:1 (NLG 0.50)
May 30, 2000 2:1 (EUR 0.12)




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