Financial targets

Aegon is focused on return on equity as one of its key performance indicators and management is committed to delivering attractive returns to shareholders.

Operating expenses

Realize operating expense savings of €350 million by 2018. This was increased from the original €200 million communicated in January 2016.

Returning capital to shareholders

We plan to return €2.1 billion total capital to shareholders over 2016-2018 through a €0.4 billion share buyback (completed in 2016) and €1.7 billion in dividends.

Sales growth

Attain an annual average sales growth of 10% by growing our fee-based businesses and expanding in Asset Management. Aegon Asset Management's third-party assets under management are expected to increase to over 65% of total assets under management by 2018.

Capital position

Maintain a solid capital position with a Solvency II ratio within a range of 150-200% at Group level, an excess capital at the holding company of between €1.0 billion and €1.5 billion, and a leverage ratio in the 26-30% range.

updated January 13, 2016


Strategy news


Strategy news

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