Sustainability FAQs

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Does Aegon have any sustainability performance indicators?

Aegon has identified a number of key performance indicators to supplement the company's financial targets. These indicators will be used to assess progress against the company's four strategic objectives: Optimize portfolio, Operational excellence, Customer loyalty and Empower employees.

What are the most important sustainability issues for Aegon?

Every year, as part of our reporting process, we survey our key stakeholders and ask them to identify the topics that are most important to Aegon and most important to them as a stakeholder. We report these results in a materiality matrix in our Sustainability Supplement.

In determining what sustainability issues are important for Aegon we also like to look to the future and see how changes in our internal and external environment may impact our business. In looking at these long-term trends we also take the input from our stakeholders into account.

How does sustainability relate to your corporate strategy?

Sustainability is an important part of Aegon's overall corporate strategy, and an important way for the company to achieve the objectives set out that strategy.

Aegon has set itself a very clear ambition: to be a leader in all its chosen markets. "Leader" does not necessarily mean the biggest, but the "most recommended", not only by customers, but also by the company's employees, its business partners and intermediaries. It also means becoming the "most respected and trusted" provider of financial services in those markets.

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I'm a sustainability professional / intern – do you have a job for me?

For further information about working at Aegon, take a look at our Careers section. Alternatively, connect with us through Facebook or Twitter and share your thoughts.

Do you offer green investment choices?

We believe we have a responsibility, where possible, to use our investments to promote sustainable economic development. We have a Responsible Investment Policy, which sets out how we incorporate social, environmental and corporate governance factors into decisions about where, when and how we invest, across all the assets we manage.

We also use 'impact investing' that we believe not only delivers sound financial returns, but also a real social or environmental benefit.

In addition, we offer a range of socially responsibly investment funds to our clients in selected markets. These funds allow customers to exclude certain categories of investments, track a sustainability index or in some cases directly invest in a fund that addresses climate change.

How do you ensure customers are treated fairly?

In 2012, we rolled out a set of six basic market conduct principles to all our businesses worldwide. These principles help us make sure we put the interests of our customers first, and that we offer products and services that meet their requirements. For us, this is all about helping make tomorrow.

What international agreements has Aegon signed up to/is a member of?

Aegon has a number of international commitments in various fields, including the environment, responsible investment and corporate sustainability. These commitments help guide the company's decision-making, and form the basis of many of Aegon's internal policies.

What is Aegon's approach to stakeholder engagement?

Aegon engages with stakeholders every day, not only with customers and business partners, but also governments, investors, financial regulators, charities and trade unions. Where possible, Aegon uses the results of this engagement to identify both risks and opportunities, and to understand the impact the company's business may have on its stakeholders. Every year we publish detailed information about stakeholder engagement in our Annual Review and our Responsible Investment Report.

How does Aegon decide where to invest

Aegon manages investments both for its own account and on behalf of policyholders and clients. Through these investments, Aegon believes it has a responsibility, where possible, to promote sustainable economic growth and social well-being. At the end of 2012, Aegon had nearly EUR 458 billion in revenue-generating investments.

Aegon's approach is set out in the company's Responsible Investment Policy. This Policy contains a series of minimum standards in areas such as the environment, human rights, labor and working conditions, discrimination, corporate governance and business integrity. The policy applies to all Aegon businesses worldwide and all major asset classes.

Aegon Asset Management also reports annually on its progress in its Responsible Investment Report.

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