Aegon's Integrated Annual Report 2018

"A lifetime of financial security requires smart planning, promoting healthy lifestyles and offering the right solutions at every stage of our customersā€™ lives.ā€

Interview with CEO Alex Wynaendts

2018 was another year of positive change at Aegon. We have continued to improve our service to millions of customers, continued to simplify and modernize our organization and capitalized on new growth opportunities.

How we share value

How we share value with customers

We provide significant financial benefits to our customers. These benefits include pensions, payment of insurance claims and returns on their savings and investments.

How we share value with employees

As an employer, our role is to provide a safe, productive workplace where employees can learn, and develop their skills and talent.

How we share value with investors

Investors own either Aegon shares or bonds. The capital they provide enables us to operate our business. Our goal is to ensure they have a consistent and attractive return on their investment.

How we share value with our business partners

We work with lots of different business partners. They play a vital role in helping us develop, market and sell our products and services.

How we share value in our communities

Insurance plays a very important social and economic role. It protects people, property and assets. By doing so, it allows individuals and businesses to take risks; savings products help them invest and plan for the future.

Aegon today

Who we are & what we do

Who we are and what we do: our businesses and the countries we operate in, plus details of our governance and responsible decision-making.

At a glance

Main events in 2018

2018 was an important year for Aegon. We expanded distribution, strengthened our capital position and signed new service partnerships on policy administration in the US and UK.