Aegon Hungary Top In Customer Service

The Hague, September 5, 2013

Based on bank and insurance company complaints received by the Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (HFSA), Aegon Hungary’s clients proved to be the most satisfied.

The Q2 2013 survey results were determined not by the absolute number of complaints received by the HFSA, but the proportion of complaints relative to their market share.

Aegon received the fewest complaints of all insurance companies surveyed, with nearly half the complaints expected in comparison to its market share. The lowest scoring insurance company in the survey received four times the number of complaints than would have been expected.

What's their Customer Service Secret?

Aegon Hungary put it down to their hard work and focus over the years to improve their customer service. They believe in the long-term relationship with their clients and tend to make preferences in their favor, for example in terms of claim settlement.

"We actively use our past experiences and customers' comments to continuously improve our customer service," said Péter Zatykó, CEO of Aegon Hungary. "Two years ago, we completely reworked our insurance product portfolio and covered all those risks that had caused customers' complaints before. For example, previously we only paid for the damaged carpet, now we also pay for the leaking pipe that caused the damage."


In working with customers, Aegon Hungary values empathy and clear communication, while always striving to be a humane company.

"Our business is about helping people find the best financial product to help them during critical points in their life," said Péter.