Aegon Slovakia adapts award-winning Spanish campaign

Slovakia, November 3, 2015

This week, Aegon Slovakia aired an adapted version of Aegon Spain’s award-winning television campaign - Mi Pequeña (My little girl). The commercial will be used to promote Aegon Slovakia’s newly designed life insurance for children.

Launched last year in Spain, the heart-warming Mi Pequeña campaign resulted in more than 45,000 YouTube views in just the first few weeks of airing. Having won Best Commercial in the service industry at the El Chupete International Festival for Kids' Advertising and Communication last year, re-using Mi Pequeña was an obvious and economical choice.

"Why copy a masterpiece when you can have the original?" says Robert Toth, Marketing Manager Slovakia, of the Spanish advertisement which features a child growing up under her father's caring eye.


Aegon Spain not only supported Slovakia's idea, but helped secure television rights and assisted with price negotiations - a clever and effective way for Aegon to get the best possible value from an outstanding original idea.

The Slovak version of Mi Pequeña, featuring Slovak voiceover and adjusted graphic elements, will be broadcast on Slovakian television 200 times during November.

Click here to watch Slovak adaptation (Slovak only).

Written by: Aegon