Aegon home insurance wins 'Newcomer of the Year 2014'

Slovakia, February 4, 2015

Aegon Slovakia recently took 'The Golden Coin' award for its Complete Home insurance. The ‘Golden Coin’ is a national independent competition that recognizes the best bank, insurance and leasing companies in Slovakia.

Over thirty companies competed to be selected by a professional jury made up of economic journalists, academics, news agencies, financial advisors, associations and market research agencies. Entries are judged on the quality and usefulness of the product.

Complete Home insurance (DOM KOMPLET ) is a unique package of home buildings and contents insurance. It was originally launched in 2010, when it was also recognized with a "Golden Coin" for Newcomer of the Year. Four years later, based on consumer feedback and innovation, it has been redesigned to meet the current needs of customers.

Unique product features

More than dozen of updates were incorporated, including a financial bonus for claim-free periods, power surge protection, water damage due to natural causes, and the possibility to insure uninhabited homes. In short, this innovative product offers broader risk coverage for both new and existing customers.

These revisions resulted in the product being reviewed as one of the most comprehensive home policies currently available on the Slovak market.

Meeting customer expectations

Dana Macková, Head of the Product Development Department at Aegon Slovakia, reconfirmed the company's customer centric approach. "We really appreciate the award which reflects our efforts to meet customer expectations. The competition in Slovakia is really strong, so it is great to know that our product was evaluated as the best on offer. The fact that our product was recognized two times in four years clearly underlines our focus on continuous improvement."

Written by: Aegon