‘Aegon athletes’ take home 10 Olympic medals

March 10, 2010

Aegon-supported speed skaters won 10 medals during the Vancouver Winter Olympics.


Speed skating runs deep in the Netherlands and at Aegon. The company has been the main sponsor of the Netherlands Ice Skating Association (KNSB) for 25 years. The sponsorship ends this season, but not before Aegon had a chance to root for the 19 Dutch speed skaters during the 2010 Olympic Games. 

“Through disciplined training, innovation in faster skates, and competition, we have supported these speed skating athletes all the way to the Olympics. We are definitely proud to have been a part of the excitement, drama and victories in Vancouver,” said Marco Keim, CEO of Aegon The Netherlands. “Skating is a much loved sport in the Netherlands and we will continue to be huge fans.”

Dutch medalists

Speed skaters from the Netherlands Ireen Wüst and Mark Tuitert won gold in the women’s and men’s 1,500-meter races. Other Aegon-supported medalists were Bob de Jong with a bronze in the 10,000 meters, plus Annette Gerritsen with a silver and Laurine van Riessen with a bronze for the 1,000 meter race.

Sven Kramer

The 23-year-old Dutch speed skater Sven Kramer won gold in the 5,000-meter race. In the 10,000 meter race, Kramer is the current world record-holder and was the overwhelming favorite to win. However, on the eighth lap, coach Gerard Kickers accidentally directed Kramer into the wrong lane disqualifying him and costing Kramer the gold. 
Kramer later won bronze for the men’s team pursuit with Dutch teammates Mark Tuitert, Simon Kuipers and Jan Blokhuijsen.

Martina Sábliková

Aegon Czech Republic sponsored and cheered on Martina Sábliková, the most successful female skater in Vancouver with three medals. Sábliková won gold in the 3,000-meter and 5,000-meter races and took bronze for 1,500 meters. These were her first Olympic medals and the first ever in speed skating for the Czech Republic, a country with not one speed skating track.