Aegon connects with active lifestyle segment

United States, March 14, 2014

When Transamerica, Aegon’s leading brand in North America, identified the potential in the active lifestyle market, it was determined to become an authentic part of active lifestyles, and not just another company trying to sell stuff.

...Six months later and it has clearly established its credibility among this growing group.

The active lifestyle segment includes people who might compete in marathons, cycling events and races. By sponsoring these types of events, Transamerica's new platform, Active Transamerica, has been able to reach this segment with innovative financial services and products, such as bicycle insurance, geared specifically to their active lifestyles.

They also work closely with event organizers to enable them to offer a registration refund product for people unable to compete in an event.

Active Transamerica

During 2013, Transamerica sponsored a number of marathons, triathlons and cycling events throughout the US, including the recent Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race. A full calendar of event sponsorships will continue to ensure high visibility.

"The Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathons held across the country have been particularly popular with Transamerica associates," comments Jay Zorn, Manager Tool Development, who recently completed the Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Race himself. "By having employees participate in events during the year, we are showing our presence and commitment to living the active lifestyle."

Strong partners: Lifetime Fitness & Competitor Group, Inc

Active Transamerica has gained exposure among millions of event registrants via partnerships with two of the top companies in the market: Competitor Group, Inc. and Lifetime Fitness.

Lifetime Fitness is a national chain of fitness clubs designed to appeal to those who are passionate about their health, athletic performance and fitness goals. Competitor Group has over seven-million endurance enthusiasts along with a portfolio of media assets including a robust digital community on the web and on mobile.

These partnerships are a natural fit for the targeted active lifestyle consumer, who is typically between the ages of 21-65 and participates in a high-calorie-burning activity at least once a week. When compared to the average life insurance consumer, active lifestyle consumers have a higher income, are slightly more educated and more are married and have children.


According to Andrea Poluch, Vice President, Marketing for Active Transamerica, the partnership with Life Time Fitness and Competitor Group is paying off, "I believe it's established the credibility we desired. We have demonstrated to our Partners and the participants just how committed we are to the success of the initiative.

"Our specially-designed Active Transamerica website is also making learning about and shopping for insurance as convenient as possible so that our customers can spend more time pursuing their favorite activities. And our social marketing efforts are successfully bringing together a real community of like-minded active lifestyle customers, featuring race pictures from members, information about upcoming Transamerica-sponsored events, together with information of interest for runners and fitness fans."

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Written by: Aegon