Aegon launches new TV campaign

The Netherlands, August 17, 2015

We check our bank accounts daily and never leave a letter from the Tax Office unopened. But when it comes to sorting our finances, we’d rather put it off until later.

Aegon's new commercial will strike a chord with people who put-off sorting out their finances because they're not in the mood or because they simply find it too complicated.

Aegon's new TV commercial airs in the Netherlands on 17 August.

If you're one of these people, then you're not alone. Research commissioned by Aegon shows that taking care of our personal finances is something we really like to put off.

64% of people prefer household chores to sorting out their finances


While 90% of the interviewees knew how much money they had on their savings account, just 43% knew what the consequences would be if they were to pass away or become unable to work. Even less people (36%) had any idea about what they will receive once they retire. And yes, even household chores (64%) were preferred above planning our finances. We think finances and long-term planning are boring, time consuming and difficult.

Aegon's new campaign was aired in the Netherlands last night. The campaign encourages viewers to take a playful challenge on their website. By collecting coins and distributing them over different accounts, players get an insight into many different aspects of their finances.

Written by: Aegon