Aegon speeds up claims using video assessments

The Netherlands, February 2, 2015

Aegon in the Netherlands has started a trial that allows customers to support their insurance claim using a live video feed from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. This new approach is expected to reduce the claim period considerably.

The circumstances behind a claim can often be quite traumatic for customers, so it's essential that any damage is fixed as quickly as possible. A claims expert normally has to visit the customer to assess the damage, and during busy periods, waiting for an appointment can take several days. Aegon has been examining ways to streamline this process.

In this trial, claims experts can quickly set up an appointment to contact the customer via their smartphone, tablet or laptop. The customer can then show the damage real-time using the built in camera, saving the claims expert considerable travel and waiting time.

Video offers greater detail and accuracy

The video offers much greater clarity and detail than a verbal description of the damage. And because the video can be recorded, the claim can be registered directly and shared with other colleagues required to process the claim.

The video recording can also be sent to an authorized Aegon repair company. This means that customers don't have to wait for a further visit by the repair company to carry out their own assessment. They can simply arrange for the necessary materials based on the video recording.

Also suitable for assessing new policies

During this six-week trial, Aegon will be using this innovative approach to assess different types of claims. This approach can also be used to give customers a tentative assessment for new insurance policies, as the video feed can be used to provide a first impression of the object to be insured.

Written by: Aegon