Aegon's 2010 Annual Report

March 31, 2011

Aegon's 2010 Annual Report has been entirely illustrated by employees.

As in every year, employees contributed substantially to Aegon's global performance in 2010. Aegon achieved strong earnings growth, increased financial strength and a sharpened on the company's core businesses: insurance, pensions and asset management.

In addition, this year our employees have shaped our Annual Report in a striking, visual manner: with their photographs, which are reproduced on the cover and throughout the front section of the Report.

The idea originated in an employee photo contest that the company held at the end of 2010. Aegon employees from across the world submitted photos in a number of categories relating to our customers' life cycle needs: earning and saving, buying a home, , young families, earning a steady income, growing savings, preparing for retirement. The entries were strong enough to be included in our publications.

As our customers and investors examine our 2010 Report, the strong contributions of our employees should be doubly apparent: in our numbers and in our faces.


The photograph above was taken by Albert Wagemans, also of Aegon The Netherlands.