What's your 'sustainability' issue?, November 4, 2014

Aegon will hold a live sustainability Q&A session on November 18 via Twitter.

Sustainability Officers Simon Clow and Mike Mansfield will be fielding questions in real time on Aegon's approach to sustainability.

The session, which runs from 11.00 to 17.00 CET, is part of our efforts to further strengthen Aegon's engagement with stakeholders.

What's your issue?

  • Trust & accountability?
  • Customer service & product performance?
  • Impact of global aging?
  • Responsible investment?
  • Corporate citizenship?
  • Responsible tax?
  • Workplace diversity?
  • Human rights?
  • Environment?
  • Increased regulation in the financial sector?
  • Risks in the supply chain?


To take part in the Q&A session, just search for #AskAegon or follow us on Twitter.

Written by: Aegon