Website to attract over half a million visitors in first year

Brazil, September 4, 2014

Mongeral Aegon has become the first insurer in Brazil to enter the e-commerce world, opening up a market of over 100 million potential online users. The portal is on track to reach over 500,000 visitors this year.

Via its 'buy online portal' customers are not only able to access financial planning tools and information, and calculate monthly contributions, but also purchase and manage life insurance and pension plan products directly. This new service from Mongeral Aegon caters for a growing group of customers who prefer to buy online.

Growth market

"The internet offers an exciting new market for the provision of services and compliments the work of our channel partner brokers. Research by Ibope Media shows that the number of Brazilians using the internet has exceeded 100 million, opening up a significant new market.

Our aim is to provide convenience for customers who are already accustomed to buying on the web, offering them a range of services and products that meet their needs in a simple and convenient way," says Nuno David, Director of Marketing for Mongeral Aegon.

Competitively priced

Products on offer currently include life insurance, accident and critical illness insurance, personal assistance (such as travel and mechanical breakdown assistance) and funeral cover. And for those looking to save for retirement, the company provides a wide range of competitively-priced retirement saving plans, including a plan that only invests in companies committed to sustainable development.

The company's move into e-commerce was backed by research that identified a significant potential for sales in insurance online. According to the WebShoppers report from E-bit, between 2012 and 2013 Brazilian e-commerce grew by 28%. In other markets, such as the UK, online insurance sales already account for 50% of the market.

Broker partnership

Mongeral Aegon has also become the first insurer to launch a customized online portal for brokers. Brokers are provided with a fully customizable landing page for the sale of Mongeral Aegon services.

Written by: Aegon

About Mongeral Aegon

In 2009, Aegon acquired a 50% interest in Mongeral Seguros e Previdênica, whose roots dates back to 1835. Today, they are one of the 10 largest independent insurers in the country, with around 800 employees. They are also the market leader in institutional pension funds.

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