Facing the financial impacts of cancer

Global, April 14, 2014

Cancer is a disease that knows no boundaries and a word synonymous with fear. That’s why Aegon has recently launched a number of products and initiatives to positively support those facing the uncertainty and worry of cancer.

Launched by Aegon's Banco Santander Spanish joint venture in March this year, 'Female Protection', or 'Protección en Femenino', addresses the needs of women diagnosed with breast cancer, the most common form of cancer among women.

Aegon Spain Cancer InsuranceDeveloped for women by women

Developed following workshops with female customers, agents and employees, this life insurance product pays €30,000 on diagnosis of a malignant tumor. The insurance helps with medical costs and eases additional financial burdens resulting from the female reproductive system cancer.

On offer through their partnership with the extensive Banco Santander network, over 2,400 policies were sold in the firsts three weeks.

"Around one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lives," says África Hernández, Aegon's Marketing Manager in Spain. "I've seen my own friends having to deal with this emotionally and physically difficult time. The last thing they need at times like this is additional financial worries."

Health Care and Life Insurance in OneAegon CNOOC App

Aegon-CNOOC, Aegon's Chinese business, is also putting peace of mind first with a unique insurance product developed specifically for cancer. Launched in March this year, Kang Ai Yi Sheng provides health care to those diagnosed with the disease, combined with reassurance for their financial future of their family.

More than 1,000 policies were sold within the first few days following the phased launch. Further high interest is expected to follow the bancassurance, direct marketing and e-sales launch this month.

A tablet platform has been developed to provide sales people with an interactive tool to explain the product. The product is supported by an app that links customers to promotional material by simply scanning any Aegon-CNOOC logo. QR codes on all printed material also direct customers to a website containing practical information on coping with cancer with the help of the Aegon-CNOOC policy.

Aegon-CNOOC has also tapped into social media, in the form of Wechat, to provide an easy to share quotation tool, which they hope will go viral.

Understanding pancreatic cancer

In an entirely different approach to helping customers deal with cancer, Transamerica Life Canada's In the spirit of hope program donated funds to a first-of-its-kind patient support program in March this year.

Working with one of Canada's leading cancer organizations, Pancreatic Cancer Canada (PCC), the program provides those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with direct access to an experienced nurse who will help them understand their diagnosis and answer their questions.

"It's understandable that when someone receives a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, they and their family members have all kinds of questions and concerns," said Doug Brooks, CEO, Transamerica Life Canada.

"Our In the spirit of hope selection committee recognized the need for people across the country to have easy access to support and accurate information during an extremely difficult time."

Written by: Aegon