Futuready receives promotional boost from Ajax tour of Indonesia

Indonesia, May 5, 2014

When it comes to health and financial planning, the best person to judge the level of insurance and pension provision you need - is you. However, Aegon Direct and Affiliate Marketing in Indonesia found this to be far from the case.

Ajax Indonesia Tour 2014 Futuready

Market research carried out by Aegon Direct and Affiliate Marketing (ADAMS) found that Indonesians are concerned about health, finance, children's education and family welfare. It also identified, however, that many fall short when planning for their financial future.

Launched in 2013, Futuready ( the first online health, lifestyle and financial planning tool in Indonesia, is designed to address this.

Self help

"The most successful customer relationships are based on trust," explains Craig Orton, Chief Executive Officer, ADAMS Asia Pacific. "To develop trust you need to really get to know someone. And Futuready is our way of getting to know the Indonesian customer better and at the same time make the membership experience useful and rewarding."

The Futuready service includes science-backed health assessment and finance calculators that are easy to complete and provides members with relevant information to help them decide what to do next. It has already helped thousands of Indonesians evaluate their financial and health status and provided the information they need to plan for their future.

First-of-a-kind concept

Futuready is a first-of-a-kind concept in Indonesia, and is designed to evolve with the customer, becoming increasingly enriched over time. Users can input data about themselves and browse through information published by noted experts to make a self-analysis and provide comments on how they are progressing towards their own goals. Users can even provide hints and tips for others in the system.Aegon Futuready

By using all the calculators and by browsing through the various specialist articles, users are rewarded with loyalty points, which can be redeemed against a range of offers from Futuready partners delivering experiences around health, wellbeing and family fun. For example, current partners include health clubs and spas, fitness centers, hospital health checks and family entertainment.

Craig Orton, said, "An important element of our strategy is to attract and capture data on prospective customers so that we can develop meaningful relationships that go far beyond insurance products. Here in Asia, smartphone penetration is high but insurance penetration is low, so the digital space is obviously an important element of our future growth."

Ajax promotion

Aegon has been the main sponsor of Dutch football team, Ajax since 2008. The team will arrive in Indonesia on May 9 to compete in two matches and host a number of promotional events around Futuready.

Competitions running on their website and social media channels (#AJAXFutuready) will encourage people to spread the word about Futuready and offer match tickets, giveaways, and access to an Ajax coaching clinic as exclusive prizes. Futuready branding will also gain high visibility during Ajax press conferences, on stadium hoardings, and numerous outdoor locations.

Aegon Asia's key strategic intent is to become the leading direct-to-consumer life insurance company in Asia, specifically through online and digitally supported content. ADAMS specializes in the design of direct insurance programs for leading organizations in the telecommunication, financial services, retail and media sectors.

Written by: Aegon