Aegon hosts 'best of' International Pride Photo Awards

The Netherlands, January 21, 2016

This month, Aegon hosted the 'best of' the International Pride Photo Awards exhibition at its Head Office in The Hague. The event was organized by members of Aegon's LGBT employee network as a celebration of inclusion in the company.

Rob Spuijbroek, HR Director of Aegon The Netherlands, explains more about the Pride Photo Award exhibition and diversity in Aegon

Supported by Workplace Pride, an invitation was extended to Workplace Pride members and the public to view the exhibition.

The Pride Photo Award is an international contest for (non-stereotypical) photos about sexual (LGBT) and gender diversity. The 2015 theme called for emotionally compelling stories. The winning stories teach us the true meaning of Love and Pride.

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Rob Spuijbroek HR Director, Aegon Netherlands

The pictures go beyond a smiling couple holding hands, or people marching in a Pride parade. They show us intimacy, the deep and tender bond between lovers. They show us the courage to defy the pressure of society or family to adapt to norms and conventions; the strength and freedom that comes when you allow discover and embrace your true self and allow others the room to be themselves.

Colourful Workplaces report

During the official opening, the 'Colorful Workplaces' study, carried out by Hivos and facilitated by Workplace Pride, was released. The study details the role of multinationals in LGBT emancipation in Kenya.