Aegon Kid’s Counsel offers new perspective

The Hague, The Netherlands, February 23, 2015

Aegon recently set up its own Kids Counsel in cooperation with Missing Chapter Foundation and UNICEF Netherlands. In the very first session last week, the new council examined a number of issues from an entirely new perspective.

The main purpose of the Kid's Counsel is to explore strategic dilemmas that companies face, and advise on possible solutions. Aegon is one of just 21 companies that have their own Kids Counsel. The counsel itself consist of a group of fifth grade students from Nutsschool Zorgvliet in The Hague, The Netherlands.

In July 2015, students returned to Aegon headquarters to elaborate on their ideas.

The Kid's Counsel visited Aegon's Corporate Center in the Hague this month to consider how Aegon can help people think about their future, or – in kids' language – how we can make people save money for their future.

They worked together with colleagues and Aegon's CEO, Alex Wynaendts using mind maps, question sessions and discussion. During the session, the children were supervised, but not directly influenced or limited by restrictions. This provided them with the room for new innovative ideas and insights. The session produced a number of interesting ideas.

Bartelt Pekelharing, Aegon Project Manager explains, "We chose to work with the Kid's counsel because children are more creative and will have a fresh look into things. And also, they're the next generation – so when you think about the long term, it's also their problem."

Spotting the smallest of details

Princess Laurentien van Oranje, founder and director of Missing Chapter Foundation has seen this in reality: "Time and again I'm impressed by the insights kids have in processes, responsibilities and behavior. They present some surprising links and see the smallest details. It is this combination that proves valuable for new solutions. Their observations are sharp and without judgment. "

Written by: Aegon

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