Knab bank maintains its innovative edge with a trio of firsts

The Hague, The Netherlands, September 12, 2014

In October, Aegon’s online bank, Knab, will become the first to offer payments in The Netherlands using Facebook or a cell phone number. The new service, Knab Social, is the latest in a long list of customer-oriented innovations.

Knab social removes the need to know the recipients 18-digit International Bank Account Number (IBAN). For example, after a night out with friends, Knab Social makes it easy to split the bill.

To use the Knab app, simply enter your friend's phone number or Facebook name. Your friend then receives an alert with a secure link to fill in their bank account number, and Knab takes care of the rest. Knab has no direct access to your phone contacts or Facebook account, so your security and privacy are guaranteed.

Knab offers leading customer service

Knab was launched in 2012 as an online bank. The high level of service offered, combined with innovative tools that enables customers to get more out of their money have proven to be a recipe for success.

For example, it offers a simple online tool that enables customers to calculate how much better off they would be with Knab. Confident of its competitive service offering, Knab offers complete transparency, informing customers when a competitor would work more to their advantage given their current circumstances.

Launch of new TV commercial

This month, Knab is driving adoption with the launch of a new commercial, highlighting the service and range of functions offered by Knab, for those with a busy schedule.



Introduction of business accounts

This year, independent research commissioned by Knab highlighted that 89% of entrepreneurs find that their bank isn't proactive in working with them to increase the return on their deposits. And 31% thought they were paying for services that they never used with their current business account.

For this reason, earlier this year Knab extended its service to small businesses and freelancers. This new business account provides innovative tools that help business owners to manage their money more effectively.

Unlike banks that charge per transaction, Knab's fixed monthly fee includes up to 1,000 transactions at no added charge. Their customer service, which is available from 08.00 until 22.00 every day, also offers additional convenience to its customers.

Written by: Aegon