New advertising campaign for Knab

The Hague, The Netherlands, January 7, 2014

With the launch of Knab in 2012, Aegon provided a revolutionary new way of banking in the Netherlands. A cross-media advertising campaign, including TV and radio, is currently helping even more customers discover the benefits on offer.

“Banking with Knab means choosing autonomy and freedom,” says René Frijters, founder of Knab. “No longer being dependent on a bank or a banker, but taking care of your own finances. Getting a grip on your money and being able to do smart things with your money.”

Power to the customer

In 2013, they became the first bank to offer the iDEAL payment system as a mobile app, and the only bank to offer an independent interest rate scan. This provides customers with an overview of the best interest rates on offer from all banks, not just Knab.

The banking basics are all there, paying bills, saving and investing. But Knab’s technology effectively replaces the banker. “The customer’s personal Knab homepage provides a complete overview of a customer’s investments, debts and income, not just with Knab but also from other bank accounts,”  René Frijters. “This approach helps customers get to grips with their financial affairs and make their money work harder for them.”

Transparent Pricing

Knab covers its costs by charging a fixed and transparent monthly fee. This approach allows them to be totally open with customers. For example, if a customer is paying them interest on an overdrawn account, but has money on his or her savings account, they can opt for the balance to be moved automatically to reduce their interest charges.

Customers can also sign up for alerts about their balance, cash deposits and withdrawals, direct debits and much more based on their personal and financial situation.

Continuous innovation

In December 2013, Knab continued to justify its transparent monthly fee with the introduction of a new feature to ensure that customers with fluctuating yearly incomes are making optimal use of Dutch tax breaks.

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Written by: Aegon