Random acts of kindness support product launch

The Hague, Netherlands, March 25, 2015

Aegon recently surprised customers in the Netherlands with a number of unexpected gifts, including high-performance cars.

In doing so, they caused a social-media buzz that showed that insurance companies like Aegon, can do the right thing.

Damage to your car is always an unpleasant experience. So Aegon decided to cheer customers up with a surprise when they dropped off their car for repair at an Aegon Service Centre. Instead of a standard courtesy car, customers were shocked when they received the keys to a brand-new Porsche 911, Tesla Model S, Jaguar F-Type, or Mini Cooper.

"I hope I don't damage my car again, but if it does happen this definitely makes it better," said one customer. Customers' reactions were caught on camera in the video below.

See how Aegon customers react when they're handed the keys to their Porsche 911 courtesy car.

These random acts of kindness supported the launch of Aegon's new car insurance in the Netherlands. Available across all sales channels, including online, this new product offers all-risk cover, including a reliable replacement vehicle. Furthermore, customers can personalize their insurance, choosing what and how much they want to cover.

Acts of kindness didn't stop here
On the stereotypically unlucky day of Friday 13th in February and March, Aegon in the Netherlands took to Twitter to surprise users who had experienced bad luck.

They sought out people who had negative experiences and lightened up their day. For example, one person who posted that she had dropped an expensive bottle of wine received a complimentary bottle of wine from Aegon. Aegon was keen to show that they're ready to help during challenging moments in peoples' lives.

You could be next!
Aegon will continue to encourage employees to find people on social media who've had a spot of bad luck, and see how they can make the situation better with unexpected surprises. Who knows, you could be next!

Written by: Aegon

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